12 feb 2020

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q1 feb 2020

nonsense, richard. recall with friendship the nature of our reality, and that [physics student] is also an applied mathematic but not a bitch.

@stephen: in perusing your material it seems the content is nothing more than what i came upon last week. recent developments show the resolution of your 'paradox' in prior year. kindly review.

as an exercise for the 'when am i ever going to use this?' students, i suggest attempting to describe quantum entanglement->equilibrium relaxation in terms of sieve theory.

+ enrico as fyi: while twinning in practice, after having defined a lower bound with induction, an upper bound was reached using methods akin to your 1975 publication and twice the expected number of solutions was observed for k-even, as per your expectation. fortunately the hopf fibrations of my system were such that this perceived expectation mismatch could be neutralized via decoherence suppression with quantum self-information.



niko would you really make all the applied mathematics your bitch before publishing [physics student]? recall from my popular quotes that physics is to math what sex is to masturbation.

richard feynman


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thank you for the contribution mr. hawking, *seatbelt-related retort for nash*



*stephen hawking says something about black holes*


sounds like you're fingering yourself with those driving gloves again

+ stephen

john nash


jan 2020

kauffman, nikolas

re:cursive implications

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minister donald is doing his impeachment thing on tv these days but i do not care for the 'minister' abstraction layer so in lieu of being clickbaited i prepared this lesson, or rather the bulk of it, while slouched in a folding chair amidst computer peripherals and feline companionship.

in recent spatiotemporal reference frame i observed male and female to emit hawking radiation herein described. these emotional and informational distortions were of a compounding nature that resulted in 'falling apart' instead of 'falling together' despite mutual desire. a nonunique transpiration.

absent traditional communications, qubits rooted in various social mediums defined a hilbert space of semiclassical spacetime geometry wherein mixed quantum states were communicated as density matrices of shared content.

a quantum equilibrium as outlined in the deBroglie Bohm Theory was desired.

note that human involvement is generally involved in sussing out whether and how such an equilibrium is reached, and may well be required if the entangled particles are themselves human.

simple yet mathematically formal induction was used to produce a lower bound.

channel polarization and an increase in self-referential communications allowed for a progressive reduction of uncertainty, yielding an upper bound.

bilateral delayed-choice decoherence suppression was observed.

thus, the paradox in question was resolved, with emotional and informational distortions being transformed into creative and self-referential communications of the opposite.

it seems i was an actor in the practical resolution of a black hole information paradox around the time of its purported resolution in theory as per relevant wikipedia. mathematical induction was possible as a result of the black hole forming from a known state, thus allowing hawking radiation to decrease back to zero, and quantum communication channels were utilized in a setting of semiclassical spacetime geometries, as also described in 'recent developments'. fascinating.

conclusion: it is known that black holes pertain to reproductive cycles. per the holographic principle, outgoing light rays of perceived spatiotemporal distance and distortions of emotion are not unlike informational distortions and [physics student]'s narrowing forcing function. black holes being the 'sinks' of reproductive systems *class giggles* in the projective space of consciousness (i.e. our universe) in treadmill paradigm as visualized by popular zooming-in fractal gif from wikipedia (attached as past, present, and future attachments), such narrowing correlates with the humanity-perceived increase in dark energy.


what is the correlation between human-perceptible [Δ dark energy] and [Δ granularity]?

dark energy is seen to be increasing with time. imagine we are on one of those tendrils that is moving towards the edge of the picture.

now imagine a circle (hypersphere in higher-dimensional structure) circumscribed on the fractal and centered around the zoom locus. it gets larger with [perceived] time. is that like our universe? does 'dark energy' just amount to material outside the range of human-perceptible granularity?

we perceive the outer limit of our universe to be getting farther away. is that the event horizon of a black hole that we've fallen into?

how does c (speed of light) relate to fractal structure?

'c' is for class.

[mandatory] pop quiz!

*hands out worksheets*

once upon feeling challenged by a literal _ _ _ _ _, i pleasured myself with wikipedias of string theory and stephen hawking. friendly reminder that being challenged doesn't make me disabled.

measuring polarization, coherence, and saturation in the quantum communication channels of myself and a fellow consciousness implies that an increase in fractal dimension would result from expanding into a traditional spacetime geometry having fabric-evident time-sensitivity.

Do I ...

*writes on chalkboard*

a. videograph?
b. telecommunicate?
c. write?
d. stay silent, having been conditioned that feelings of coherence are predicated on repression?
e. poll the public?
f. build a deck?
g. recursively curate content?


- humorous: (g). students are reminded that the human brain's primary function is recursive content curation.
- the peaceable mennonites, my top-tier artisanal parents, and toxic professional+[inter]personal self-interest groups that instilled strong values while simultaneously repressing me with much creativity and compulsion. i here trump repression with expression by drawing attention: that 'dress' implies 'fabric' in double entendre.
- consulting psychiatrist who was so kind as to confirm the accuracy of relevant psychodynamics.
- downstairs neighbormanwoman who are again often shouting. :(
- the Studio For Experiential Learning. :)
- Софья, my partner in crime ;)
- the Universe, sexually gratifying itself in treadmill paradigm. :3

Professor N. Thoreau, MBA

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